San Francisco: How Lame Can It Get?

So I just saw word that Borderlands, the science ficiton bookstore that has been a fixture in the Mission since 1997, is going to close.

The reason for the closure is that the store knows it can't keep pace with The City's new minimum wage law. A law that I support, by the way, but one that prices business with margins squeezed tight by the likes of Amazon right out of San Francisco.

The last time I went to The Mission is was ridiculous: just about every residential building across from Dolores Park was undergoing a major retrofit. I could easily imagine that they were all being turned into the private mansions of on-paper millionaires...or AirBnB palaces. Or, you know, both.

The thought of The Mission without the bookstore part of Borderlands--the cafe will stick around to the end of the year but the bookstore will call it quits by the end of March--is just too much to bear.

How long until Modern Times folds? Till Dog Eared crumbles to dust? And don't give me none of the "cities change" crap. A city without bookstores is just a suburb with an inflated ego.