There are times when it's just too much to engage with the news.

We've been getting that a lot this year already.

What happened near UNC Chapel Hill makes me sick.

There's also some "irrationality of rationalization" impatience that happend on Twitter last night about mainstream news coverage. What matters now is that this story stays in the news.

Also: it's entirely possible that the parking dispute and racist anti-theist beliefs contributed to the murders. Sick bastards who murder people because they are different use all kinds of petty excuses see: all of human history.

The worst part: these kids seemed like they were more than decent people, they appear to have been saints on earth.

We liberals sometimes pooh-pooh the idea of seeing the world in anything but shades of grey... but when you look at something like this it's not just easy to see in terms of good and evil, it's helpful. The kinds of people who set up humanitarian efforts half a world away while they are in college? Good. The kind of person that would kill someone because of a belief system/parking spot? Evil.


Extremely Vile Individual Loser.

Exceptionally Vicious Indefensible Locust.