So Long Morning Matter, Hello Brain Warmer

I’ve been doing this “Morning Matter” blogging more or less every day (I mean that in the 51% sense of more or less) for the better part of a year now.

There are times when I definitely just write something for the sake of saying that I’ve done it and then move on to whatever non-writing tasks I have to do for the day. The more often this is the case, the more that feels like I’m missing the point.

Look: I’m not just a writer. Which is not me trying to diminish the profession, it’s just that writing isn’t the only duty I have. There are times when I wish it was that simple. So I feel like sitting down first thing to hack out some words and get the writer-sap flowing, only to walk away, just really defeats the purpose of doing this at all.

It’s like sitting down to try and meditate for a set period of time only to have the quality of the sit be shit. The point is to be present not to say you did something, the value of regularity and discipline notwithstanding.

Recently I refocused my meditation on the feelings involved. To push myself past the verbal parts of my brain and just get into simple, gentle awareness. Sometimes it even works.

The writing practice is the exact opposite of that practice: the sword to meditation’s shield. I don’t see a point in sitting down to write this if I’m not going to then chain forward and work on the bigger writing problems right then and there.

But I know I need a practice, and thus the Brain Warmer is born. The same kind of rambling, only it will take place when I’m finally sitting down and tuning out the rest of the world.

I wonder why I didn’t think of this sooner.

Anyway: carry on.