Y'all Need To Lay Off Yeezy

I don't need y'all to love Kanye West, but damn if the vitriol towards his performance on SNL 40 and the reaction to his totally overblown reaction to the Grammys have not themselves been totally overblown.

Take the SNL 40 bit: so many people called it pretentious and too arty. I watched it: it was no weirder than what would have happened if the musical guest was Bjork. Besides: it was an SNL special. It needed at least one musical guest to do something avant guarde as much as it needed overlong sketches that ran out of gas after two minutes.

Tradition, yo.

I get that a lot of you don't get Kanye. That's okay. Can't have everyone liking everything all the time. But when I hear that dude go off I hear a soul that feels pain the way I feel pain, and who doesn't stay quiet about it the way I stay quiet about it.

So I have this weird protectiveness about Yeezy. I know his heart’s always in the right place even when his head is where it shouldn’t be.

Because remember that dude straight up said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” while he was standing next to Mike Myers on the Katrina telethon… and years later he let himself be a punchline in a Wayne’s World sketch.

Keep feeling the big feels Mr. West. We got you.