The Designated Asker

After Tweeting a version of this earlier today I saw a friend get into a Twitter battle with a fully armed and operational Twitter pundit. It wasn't pretty. It made me think about Jon Ronson's upcoming book about shame, that's how not pretty it was. The Left does a great job of eating itself while Rome burns. That's dumb.

The Internet needs a Dedicated Asker whose job it is to ask the people the Internet is upset with what they meant by what they just said.

Like that would be the whole job.


If what they said wasn’t what they really meant the proper response on their part would be to say “I’m sorry. I let my mouth run. That was dumb.”

And then the Asker would say: “We understand, that happens to us too, doesn’t it Internet?”

And then The Internet kicks a rock and kinda twists in place and mutters “Yeah.”

And then the Asker asks: “WHO WANTS ICE CREAM?”

And we all get ice cream. Even vegan and lactose free ice cream for those who need it.

Look: we either find a way to live together as a family or our species is going to be extinct in a few generations.

Did Patricia Arquette stick her foot in her mouth while she was calling for solidarity or does she think that people of color and the LBGTQ community owes something to women as a political block? Has anyone asked her yet? Has anyone thought to ask her?

All I know is that in this country women aren't paid an equal amount for the same work that men do, and as an added bonus they get to live in fear of being raped. That LBGTQ folks are targets for all kinds of abuse, from broad hate campaigns to bullying that leads to suicide. That Black men are incarcerated at disgusting rate while Black women get even fewer opportunities than White women. That Latinos staff some of the shittiest jobs in this country, do damn good work we all benefit from, and get demonized by political opportunists. And no, that doesn't cover everybody. This is a paragraph, not the phone book.

Oh, and that Sean Penn is a dick who tries to make up for it by doing charity work, but come on now, dude. We're all over you.

If we-- the Left-- are ever going to get out from under the boot heel of the likes of the Koch brothers we're going to have to learn to forgive each other our stupidity and strive to understand before standing up to scold. Otherwise we might as well pack it in and build some coal power plants because Humanity is done for.

This isn't written with the intent to make the scolders feel bad. Two scolds don't make it right. This is a fucking plea for change, because a house divided cannot stand.