Unavoidable Conversations

It’s tempting to say that the current “debate” over vaccines is ridiculous, because one side is repping Science and the other side has a paradigm based on what can charitably be called “animal fear,” but there’s far more going on than “dumb people versus the rest of us.”

There’s a larger conversation about the social contract and individual liberties, and how clinging to absolutest sensibilities is throughly dehumanizing.

Attendant to that conversation are some about how we interact with people who hold wildly different worldview from our own. How to hold conversations that are respectful and—hopefully—persuasive as opposed to just playing for the choir and scoring brownie points with your own team.

Because that’s the shit that has gotten us into this mess.

I blame Bill Mahler: remember that he’s the one who cursed us with Ann Coulter as part of his effort to entertain with political debate.