marketing 101

a little stronger

the will

each day

making peace

with my own weakness

that’s the first step

they don’t want to

tell you

they want to

sell you

a dream to defer

a prize to chase

when it’s always right here

at the corner


get shit done

and ow



that’s where the heart lives

hard as

that is

to hear

2014, RIP

a people without a heartbeat

only an oozing of ichor

through the mighty veins

of body politic

myths o’erthrown

with algorithmic wizardry

tagged in the margins

of secret ledgers

etched on the back

of cat videos

nothing noble lives here long

the honorable men have all been forgotten

those who wear uniforms, pins, and badges

have traded in service for servants

as if the jig were up

but they 

    want us

        to keep


Gimme That Bitcoin Backbeat

Clear the cache

clear the cache

cleaning big stacks

Buffett buffer money 1 plus 99 Magick math makes more 110% Inconceivable you say This is Putin pressure surge pricing out on a sea of fossil fuels fossilized freedoms These are blizzard conditions Liberty's been Snowed in vortex blasting souls down the drain See them Lost Frat Boys of Wall Street on a cattle call for the next Eli Roth splatterpunk disasterpiece Carnage as karma


Again the battle of will and arete against pure inertia. Again the long fight between who I was, am, and could be. Again the long race away from the poetry of my should and into the hell of American life as meditated by social programing  A constant tuning of the channels by means of smaller and smaller sluices until I ama hydraulic machine that manufactures my own consent. Paying for Facebook advertorials to remind me to stop checking my Facebook feed obsessively  Seeking absolute validation in its most pointlessly quantified form. Fuck.

I better post this or it didn't happen.